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DVD Ripping FAQs (for Any Video Converter Pro./Ultimate)

Q1: How to rip copy protected DVD with AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate?

A: When opening a DVD, AVC Pro and AVC Ultimate will detect and remove the protection by default.

Q2: AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate cannot completely convert DVD movies. It only rips 40 mins of a 2 hrs DVD movie. Why?

A: It's quite possible that AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate doesn't decrypt the copy protection completely. Please follow the suggestions below to try again:

1. Please use DVDSmith Movie Backup (freeware developed by us) to remove the protection and copy the "Full Disc" to your hard drive first, and then use AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate to add the entire copied folder as a DVD disc and rip.

2. If problem persists, please use Any DVD Cloner Platinum which can decrypt more recent DVD copy protection. Use "Full Disc" mode in Any DVD Cloner Platinum to copy the DVD movie to DVD Folder, and then use AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate to convert the DVD folder. (Please note that you do not need to purchase Any DVD Cloner Platinum, the trial version can rip 3 DVDs for you.)

In AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate, please click right side of Add DVD button and choose Open DVD Folder... to import the DVD folder to the program.

Q3: How to rip my DVD into one file, but not separated files?

A: Before opening a DVD, please click Edit > Options > DVD, and then check "Do not separate a DVD video disc as titles". (Only for Any DVD Converter)

The latest AVC Pro and AVC Ultimate will open DVD disc as titles by default.

Q4: How to rip DVD movies by chapter?

A: Go to the right pane, under the preview window field, unfold Basic Settings, you can manually specify the chapters you want to rip and convert, for instance, 04 – 08, or 20 – 20.

Q5: How to rip DVD movies by title?

A: After you add DVD to AVC Pro or AVC Ultimate, please simply select the titles you want to rip and convert in the center window .

Q6: Can I merge some DVD movie titles on the source file panel?

A: No. Unlike merging multiple videos, you cannot merge multiple movie titles.

Q7: Is there a way to disable the director’s commentary when converting a DVD?

A: Open your DVD movie, in the center window, click Audio option, and select another audio track to try again.

It’s recommended to check the audio language in the preview window before ripping a DVD:

1. Highlight the movie in the left pane.

2. Select one audio language from the Audio option.

3. Click Play button under the preview window to check the audio language to see if it is English.

4. Once the audio language is confirmed, you can start converting.

Q8: How do I change the language to my preferred audio language?

A: Please click audio track on main panel of the program to choose your preferred language from the drop-down list.

Q9: Can I choose my preferred DVD subtitles when convert DVD movie?

A:If your DVD movie contains multiple subtitles, you can freely select your desired subtitle. Go to main panel of the program, click subtitle to select your preferred language subtitles. Usually, En is short for English, De is Deutsch, Fr is French, It is Italian, Es is Spanish, Pt is Portuguese, Cn is Chinese, Jp is Japanese.

Q10: Can I choose my preferred DVD angle?

A:If your DVD movie contains multiple angle, you can freely select your desired angle. Go to the right pane and unfold "DVD Options", you will find the "Angle". Select your desired angle. (Only for Any DVD Converter)

Q11: Output video and audio are out of sync. Is there a fix?

(1)You can solve the problem by change the output video format.

(2)You can adjust your video size to a smaller one. In this case, please go to the right corner of the program and change the video size of the basic settings.

Q12: Can AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate support converting PAL DVD to NTSC formats?

A: Yes. AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate supports almost all region DVDs. It can convert both the PAL and NTSC DVDs to DVD Video that can playback on both PAL and NTSC (for North America, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Philippine) TV systems.

Q13: Can AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate burn DVD movie to a blank DVD?

A: No. AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate cannot burn DVD to DVD. However, you can choose "DVD Video NTSC Movie" or "DVD Video PAL Movie" as the output format to generate a MPEG-2 file. Choose NTSC or PAL according to your TV system type. And then import this MPEG-2 file into some free DVD burning software like ImgBurn to create DVD Video disc.

Q14: Can Any Video Converter Pro./Ultimate rip Blu-ray movies to video formats like MP4?

A: Sorry, AVC Pro./AVC Ultimate is only capable of converting Blu-ray folders to other popular formats like MP4, MKV, AVI etc. And please note that the encrypted BD is not supported and you need to click right side of Add DVD button and choose Open DVD Folder... to import entire DVD folder to the program.

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