Updates FAQs

  • Q1: Can I get free updates?

Yes. All updates are free.

You will get update remind message when there is a new version available. You can visit our website www.any-video-converter.com/download/ and click Download button to download and install the latest version.

If you install the latest version to the location you installed last time, you don't have to register again. If your change the install location, please re-register again using the original license name and code.


  • Q2: I do not want to get free updates information, how to do it?

If you do not want to get free updates information, please go to Options > Advanced, uncheck the option "check for new version of program when startup".


  • Q3: Can I upgrade my paid Any Video Converter to Any Video Converter Ultimate?

No. They are sold as different programs. However, you can buy Any Video Converter Ultimate, then contact us to request a refund of previous order of Any Video Converter. Please note this only applies to recent purchase of Any Video Converter within a month.


  • Q4: I prefer an old version, is it available?

You can download older version from the following links. Please replace "x" with the version number.

AVC Ultimate:





V2.6.5 -- 3.1.7: http://sp.any-video-converter.com/older_installer/avc-setup-x.x.x.exe

V3.1.8 -- 3.3.8: http://sp.any-video-converter.com/older_installer/avc-setup-x.x.x-oc.exe

V3.3.9 -- : http://sp.any-video-converter.com/older_installer/avc-setup-x.x.x-avg.exe



ADC Android:


ADC iPod:





  • Q5: What's the difference between Any Video Converter Freeware, Any Video Converter Pro, Any DVD Converter Pro. and Any Video Converter Ultimate?

Any Video Converter Ultimate has all the features of Any Video Converter and Any DVD Converter. Meanwhile, Any Video Converter Ultimate features the functions as video recording.

Plese check out our Products Comparison for more differences.


  • Q6: What platform does your program support?

Our programs support the following platform: Windows 7 (32-bit & 64-bit) & Win 8 & Win 10.


  • Q7: Are there Mac versions available for Any Video Converter or Any Video Converter Ultimate ?

Yes, You can find Mac version of Any Vide Converter or Any Video Converter Ultimate on : https://www.any-video-converter.com/products/.


  • Q8: I cannot use Any Video (DVD) Converter. Every time I open it, it either says "Any Video (DVD) Converter has stopped working" or crashes directly. Any solution I can try?

A: If Any Video (DVD) Converter can't be launched or crashes or says "Any DVD Converter has stopped working", you can try solutions below. And please also tell us your system information; is it Windows 7, 8, 10, 32 bit or 64 bit?

(1) In Win 7, you can turn off UAC (User Account Control) to try. Open control panel, then click "User Accounts and Family Safety" and "User Accounts", and turn UAC off.

(2) Delete the related registry items.

In Win 7, click Start, type in "regedit" in Start Search and press Enter.

Then Unfold "HKEY_CURRENT_USER > Software > Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional", right-click to delete. Then run the program or try reinstalling the problem.

(3) The problem may be caused by DEP (Data execution Prevention).

In Win 7, right click on "Computer" and click "Properties", select "advanced system settings" tab.

Then click "Settings" button in Performance section, select "Data Execution Prevention" tab, and choose the option "turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select", then click "Add" button to add the exe files.

Generally Speaking, the program locates in C:\Program files\Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional\. And add VideoConvPro.exe (DVDConvPro.exe) to apply. Sometimes you may also need to add ffmpeg.exe in the same folder.

(4) In Win 7, you can try compatibility mode. Open the setup directory, normally, it's C:\Program files\Any Video (DVD) Converter Professional\, right click on the VideoConvPro.exe (DVDConvPro.exe) file and click "properties", select "compatibility" tab, and check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for:" and select "windows XP" and click "OK" button. Then run the program to have a try.

(5) Please try to run the program as administrator. Right-click on the execution file or its shortcut and choose "Run as administrator".


  • Q9: Are Any Video/DVD Converter or Any Video Converter Ultimate compatible with Windows 10?

Currently Any Video/DVD Converter and Any Video Converter Ultimate are fully compatible with Windows 10.



User testimonial of Any Video Converter

"Have captured some Netflix streaming videos. Good quality! " -- Jane White

"Your HTML5 output profile with embedding code, really rocks! Easily shared DV on my site!" -- Eric Gates

"To my surprise, your video converter can also create DVD movies and record videos. Really an excellent bonus!" -- David James

"AVC Ultimate merits its label as the ultimate multimedia solution!" -- Loring Lee

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